Red Story

Cloudy day, I was riding my bike through the street. I got bored for the places and sceneries I went were always the same. I decided to go to my girlfriend’s house. There, I saw her in the balcony as if she was waiting for something. I gave her a bicycle show to get her attention. She smiles, with her dimples so deep, and opened the gate. I parked the bike in front and went inside. She hugged me and I smelled the beautiful fragrance of her hair I always love.


We talk for hours in the balcony and as the conversation goes on, we haven’t noticed that we were talking and laughing so loud. Her father, who was currently watching TV noticed us. He went outside to the balcony. He told Jesh to prepare some snacks. Jesh went inside and I got a talk with Mr. Sar. Mr. Sar is a friend of my dad. We talk almost about everything. I can say that he is liking me for he is laughing out loud with me like an old friend.


Jesh, who just finished baking, joined the conversation. Everything was so nice until we noticed that its already 6PM. I bid goodbye to Mr. Sar and kissed Jesh on the Cheeks.


2 years later…


I was in Manila, one lazy afternoon. I was lounging in my bed, playing Beauty and the Beat in my cellphone. Suddenly, the message alert tone bangs my sound trip. I checked my messages. It was from Jesh saying “Babe, we’re arriving”. I’m surprised because it has been two years since I last saw her and we haven’t even interact in text, facebook, and twitter (There came and unclear break up between us) and that, she haven’t made here at our house here in Manila. “we?? With who??” , I replied. She didn’t replied; I bet it was just wrong number.


Half an hour later, someone knocked on the gate. I came down to garage to see who is knocking, when I hear a laugh of a baby. I opened the gate. I was surprise for it was Jesh. She was always beautiful she was carrying a one year old kid. I got her bags and without even saying anything I invited her upstairs. I tickled the baby on the chin saying “ who is this cute little baby?”


The baby smiled at me. And like Jesh, he also had a dimple on the left cheek. I felt something warm, like a good-strange feeling. We got upstairs. I opened the door and put her bags on the couch.  “this is Joshen, my son…” I was surprised and I got even more surprised when she added, “… our son.”


I got too many questions on my mind, but all were forgotten when I took a look on the baby. His eyes, nose and lips all resembled to mine. I carried him. I was happy, tears, went out of my eyes. I was so happy, I can’t breathe. Jesh unloaded some things for her bag. They were Joshen’s toys. She said, “ put him down you might get tired. Let him play with his toys”.


We played with his toys. I am so happy, so filled with love, so filled of excitement and amusement. Jesh was making milk for Joshen. I said to her, “so, this is my son?”. “yeah”, she replied. I was speechless. I looked at the baby again, and he really looks like a little version of me. I said, “hello Joshen! How are you?”. He smiles. His dimples appeared. I was filled with happiness and love. Its like everything is perfect.


anong say mo?

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