My Favorite Taylor Swift Songs

#10. Back To December

ito yung kinakanta ko na mali-mali yung lyrics. hahah. ito rin yung kinakanta namin kay Liane Rose. … And I go back to December 31.


Cause this is me swallowing my pride, standing in front of you saying I’m sorry for that night..

#9. Love Story
sobrang ganda ng story ng song. they were Romeo and Juliet ♥. pinakita yung  mga hardships and sacrifices bago maachieve yung freedom nila, which is metaphorically true naman.


Marry me Juliet! You never had to be alone. I love you and thats all I really know


#8. You Belong With Me
Maganda rin yung story nung song. para ‘to sa mga MANHID! kahit matagal na itong kantang ito, still lagi ko pa din syang pinapakinggan.


Standing by, and waiting at your back door. All this time, how could you not know?

#7. Teardrops on my Guitar
sobrang sad ng song na ito. grabe! relate sa mga sawi. lagi ko rin ito pinapakinggan kaya naman lagi ko itong LSS : TOP 10 Pinaka-nakakaLSS Songs


He said he’s so in love, he finally got it right 😦

#6. Story of Us
Lagi ko din itong LSS. ang ganda ganda ng song na ito! ito yung nasa Library. xD TOP 10 Pinaka-nakakaLSS Songs


I used to think one day to tell the story of us…

#5. Our Song
lagi ko itong pinapakinggan kapag naglalaba ako. maganda yung genre ng music it is so masigla!


I said, “nothing, I was just thinking how we don’t have a song”

#4 Mine
ito yung pinakasweet sa lahat! ♥ yung music video, grabe it was like less than three (<3) tapos ang ganda pa nung music. hahah


You were in college, working part time, waiting tables.

#3 Everything Has Changed
ito yung may mga bata. yung ang sweet nila nung mga bata pa sila pero hindi din sila ang nagkatuluyan. kasama ni Taylor Swift si Ed Sheeran na pagkaganda-ganda ng boses.


All I knew is a sad hello. and your eyes look like coming home.

#2. We are Never Ever Getting Back Together
ang ganda nung lyrics lalo na yung genre, it was like “yeah party! ” haha. ang ganda din nung music video. such a lovely song.


I used to think that we worth forever-ever and I used to say never say never.

#1 *insert drum roll* Red

naging “pula” pa ang pangalan nung blog ko kung hindi din naman ito ang magta-top 1? well this is the most perfect song of Taylor Swift. ang kantang ito ay para sa mga mahal na mahal pa din ang kanilang ex, yung tipong “sana tayo na lang ulit” (one more chance ang peg). haha. ♥♥♥


like the colors in autumn so bright just before they lose it all.

sinong magsasabi ng “Taylor Swift Songs are the worst.”? edi napatay sya ng mga Swifties xD. hindi ako Swiftie, pero I enjoy listening to her songs ♥.

ayan! the best of Taylor Swift (for me). #PouringRain (ano nga bang meron sa Pouring rain ni Taylor Swift?) kayo? ano ang Top 10 nyo? kagaya din ba ng akin? tell me in the comments!


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