‘Saksak Puso, Tulo Dugo’ Quotes

10. “Learning to live a half alive.”

9. “I just realized that the best man is not really the best. If he were, then he’d be the bride’s groom.”

8. “You run, I chase. I run, you replace.”

7. “In Mathematics of Love, one plus one is everything but two minus one equals nothing.”

6. “Dear heart, can you please lower your voice just a little? I’m talking to brain right now.”

5. “Expecting is a crime. Disappointment is the punishment.”


yes, it is a crime

4. “Your sin is leaving the one you said you’d love forever.”

3. “That sad moment when you find an old conversation between you and someone you don’t talk anymore, but you wish you did.”

2. “The hardest part of letting go is realizing that the other person already has.”

1. “Sometimes, you just have to accept that some people can only be in your heart, but not in your life”


only in your heart

GM na ituu..


(c) The Best of Chico, Delamar, and Gino’s The Morning Rush


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