I think, I’m Fallin’

I think I’m fallin’,
And I don’t know if its good or bad.
It feels risky,
But it also feels great.

 I think I’m fallin,
Its  3am and all I think about is her.
Dreamin’ of that sweet smile of her’s
And her cute high notes voice.

I think I’m fallin’,
Lately, I can’t sleep.
Thinking of things we could be.
Well, we could be forever.

I think I’m fallin’,
I always find myself smiling.
Smiling at nothing,
Smiling at nothing at all.

I think I’m fallin’,
I can feel it.
My heart beats faster than normal.
It won’t stop.

I think I’m fallin’,
I’m saying things I don’t usually say.
I’m doing things I don’t usually do.
I’m out goin’ out of control.

I think I’m fallin’,
I find myself listening to love songs
To these these weird love songs
And singing them out of nothing.

I think I’m fallin’,
Could this be actually love?
Its different than what I used to think.
Now I think of love as a stronger force.

I think I’m fallin’,
But am I ready?
Or shall I ask, Is she ready?
Cause i’m gonna fall anytime now.

I think I’m fallin’,
Yeah , I’m fallin’ in love.
And if she’s also fallin like I do,
I’m sure to catch her anytime.


anong say mo?

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