The clouds were heavy,
The trees sway to the east.
People are opening their umbrellas,
the whole place turned into grayscale.

I am looking outside the window,
All I do is sigh and sigh.
A huge noise is behind me,
From people’s words to the strum of a guitar.

I think I’m wasting my time,
Slowing down and thinking about everything.
I feel nothing, I feel kind’a sad.
I wanna change everything but I’m doing nothing.

I don’t know if this over thinking would do anything,
But it’s all I can do now.
I don’t know how this one will end,
All I know is that I feel lost.

From the middle of the space, I see nothing.
Even if I move, I’m still nowhere.
Not a single light is visible,
So I’d rather close my eyes and dream.

Finally, I escaped the dark space.
I found a place full of colors,
A place where everything is happy,
The sun shines through everything.

I opened my eyes and nothing has changed,
I’m still in a black void.
So, I’d close my eyes once more.
Cause a dream is better than reality.


anong say mo?

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