The Enemy


Luke 4:1-13 amplified (c) Bible Gateway

The devil is just around the corner waiting for a time when he can attack. He waits for a more opportune time. Meaning, pwedeng anytime or anywhere, aatake sya. He is already defeated eh, nandadamay na lang sya. He attacks with these 3 types of temptations: The basics, The Power, and your Understanding of the truth.

  1. The Basics= your Needs. He will tell you that you need this thing which is totoong need mo talagaand that kawawa ka naman kasi wala ka nito, eh need mo yun. His motive is to make you think na you got to have that kasi need mo-its justifyable Sobrang crucial kasi kasi hanggang saan mo ba kayang tiisin yung needs mo to obey God.
  2. The Power. Madaling maoverwhelm ang tao sa power-Indeed! sa success and sa victory. Kasi as human you feel satisfactionwhen you achieve it. Pero kailangang bantayan. Kasi the devil may instruct you to do things na mas madali at mas mabilis even if mali na at against na sa will ng Lord. Sobrang crucial kasi in everyday, People live with goals-with things to conquer and to achieve it, we strategize and that’s the time  na dadaan sya, give you an idea that will please your goal, but not our God.
  3. your Understanding of the Truth. Truth is in the Bible- the very words of God at sobrang powerful nya kasi it is the source of truth, now the enemy wants to bend the truth or even to use the truth to demolish another truth. Power kasi ang word of God ng mga Kristyano at he wants to block and destroy that very power.

Indeed, Satan is really deceitful. He plays his game well. He will put weight on things that are less significant, so that it may look really important

We have to guard ourselves. Bantay talaga! Mula sa thoughts, to words to actions. Dapat di tayo macorrupt. We have to be always enlightened with the word of truth at tayo dapat mismo ang maghanap of what is true. Hindi ako basta basta maniniwala and let the spirit of God examine. Let us love the truth and live with it. Iwasan ang self pity- aatake agad yung enemy pag ganyan. Let us fix our eyes on the things that matters especially that matters the most- to do what is pleasing to the Lord. Ang hirap, ang lakas ng kaaway pero the Holy Spirit will be our guide. Let us listen to the right voice at talagang 24/7 guarded kasi he may leave, but only temporarily.  Let us also guard one another, We conquer as a team at goal ng kaaway na pabagsakin ang bawat taong bumubuo sa team. May the Lord guard me and tell us what to do always. Let us always submit to the Lord and submit to His governing authorities. We are to please the Lord and no one else. Let us fix our eyes. King always before the kingdom!


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