The Healing at Bethesda


(c) Bible Gateway


(c) Bible Gateway

Bethesda is a place kung nasan ang lame, blind, paralyzed, etc. Nasa Betesda ka ba ngayon? Kumusta ang mga aspeto ng iyong buhay? sa pisikal?, spiritual?, pinancial?, sa pag-aaral? o sa trabaho? ,sa pamilya? sa ministry? NASA BETHESDA KA BA NGAYON?

You need Healing.

Bethesda is not a place of healing; although may pakonti konting naheheal dun (verse 4). Ang sistema ng Bethesda: people are taking chances to be healed. hindi naman kailangan.

How to be healed?

  1. Get up! (verse 8). Get your faith activated! Start doing what you are supposed to do. simula pa lang, you are already chosen. You were born a problem solver. You have the solutions. Its time to activate your faith. Stop being lazy and procrastinating. Stop waiting and waiting. This is the time to start those plans you have. Dont be afraid. Have Faith!
  2. Be faithful and love God’s presence¬†(verse 14a). Saan sya nakita ni Jesus? sa temple. Pwede na sana nyang gawin lahat ng gusto nyang gawin nung gumaling sya. pero sa templo pa din sya bumabalik. Acknowledge that you are nothing without Him. Commit yourself and be faithful kung nasan ang presence ng Lord- Devotion, Cell Group, Sunday Service, Prayer, Tithes and Offerings, Equipping and Training. These acts of faithfulness will actually save you from future harms. The problem is we are in the world. The world always dictates us something that affects our character. These acts of faithfulness will preserve your character.
  3. Stop sinning (verse 14b). Seryoso to! The wages of sin is death. There is no life when you sin. Sin will hinder you from reaching your potential. With sin, babalik at babalik ka sa dati mong kondisyon. Wala kang maaabot when there is no life.

(verse 17)
Its time to embrace and welcome the work of God . This time will be different!


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