The Cell Leader



Being a cell leader is a tough work. First, I have to maintain a good character and a high level of integrity, because how can I become an agent of transformation if I myself is not transformed right? Then, there’s, sacrificing time, money and effort to attend to the needs of those people I lead. I have to learn fast because how can I teach things which I do not fully learned? I cannot be weak because they all expect me to be strong and reliable.

Pero hindi ako nagrereklamo. Siguro minsan, I complain a lot of things sa Lord, “Lord, bakit ganito?”, “Lord sabi mo…” “Lord, ayoko na oh”. Totoo yan, minsan ayoko na. Minsan I feel like ‘wala naman talagang nangyayari’, and minsan, I feel disqualified to do this work. Yes its a tough work, but I’m tough person working for a tough cause. I want to pass on the will of the Lord to the next generation, so that people may have the LIFE and live it to the fullest. I am a disciple and I carry His will.

Beyond that cause, I find joy in blessing, helping and serving other people. Yung feeling na nailalayo mo yung mga tao sa mga bagay na wawasak sa kanila. Yung nakakapagbigay ka ng pag-asa sa mga taong sumuko na sa mga laban nila. Yung nagagabayan mo yung mga tao sa pagsolve ng mga problema nila. For me, its a great accomplishment. and sobrang fulfilling.


(c) Bible Gateway

Loving and unselfishly seeking the best to one another is not an advice, its not an option. This is a commandment from Jesus. From this passage, we can see Jesus’ example of how He became a great leader. Here are my basic points:

1. Lay down your life for others. A great cause will require a great cost. Are you ready to give that cost? even when that cost is your life? Well, Jesus did that. Two things: Cause and Love. How badly do you want your cause become a reality? Do you have enough love to pursue?

2. Reveal everything you have heard from your Master. Teach them what you are taught. Pass on them the DNA. You cannot be with them all the time but your teachings can. These teachings, they will carry on their hearts forever. Teach what Jesus taught. #TeachOnlyLove.

3. Do these so that they may bear fruit, keep on bearing fruit and that their fruit remain and be lasting. This is life 101. Genesis 1:28 states that we are designed to do these. Not just to bear fruit (production), not just to keep on bearing fruit (reproduction) but to make these fruit remain and be lasting. In short, we do these, so they can live by design and therfore, have their #Life101.


(c) Bible Gateway

Being a Cell Leader is so much rewarding wherever angle you see it. 😀


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