Its Been A Month

Its been a month when I was so in love,
When I said my heart is finally taken.
When I said I finally got it right.
When I said my heart is no more broken.

Its been a month when I start keeping the receipt,
The receipt we got from the cinema.
The prints on it had merely faded,
As our feelings lasted.

Its been a month since I heard you sing,
Since we send VMs to each other.
Since I smiled to your messages,
Since we send tweets to each other.

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Julia Barretto: The Philippine Teen Princess



Full Name                            : Julia Francesca Barretto Baldivia
Birthday                               : March 10, 1997
Age                                        : 17 (turning 18)
Height                                   : 5’5 feet
Weight                                 : 148 pounds
Eye Color                             : Dark Brown
Hair Color                            : Dark Brown
Home Town                       : Marikina City, Philippines
Showbiz Title                     : Philippine Teen Princess
Favorite Sports                 : Volley Ball
Favorite Color                    : Purple
Favorite Number             : 3
Favorite Food                    : Bacon

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