Why? (part II)

Nangako ako sayo
hihintayin kita
Nangako akong
Hindi magbabago pagmamahal ko sayo

Nangako sayong hindi ako magmamahal ng iba
Hihintayin kita
Hihintayin ko na bumalik ka
Hihintayin kong Mahalin mo ulit ako

Kahit ang sakit
Kahit hirap
Kahit makapagod
Kakayanin ko

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Its Been A Month

Its been a month when I was so in love,
When I said my heart is finally taken.
When I said I finally got it right.
When I said my heart is no more broken.

Its been a month when I start keeping the receipt,
The receipt we got from the cinema.
The prints on it had merely faded,
As our feelings lasted.

Its been a month since I heard you sing,
Since we send VMs to each other.
Since I smiled to your messages,
Since we send tweets to each other.

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